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    Ring sling "simple" Lana-ZiLana

    Ring sling "simple"

    Boutique ZiLana offers two versions of ring slings "simple":

    Everything we offer is handmade. All the fabrics we use are from natural materials - cotton, linen, cotton corduroy and are top quality.
    Price when ordering online:

    - Ring slings "simple" single layered:
    are made from one fabric, one ply. Fabrics are chosen in a way, that both sides can be used as front/face side.They have a pocket placed at the free end of the sling.
  • Price varies from 29 to 43 euro - you can choose regular plain smaller rings or large American rings.

    - Ring slings "simple" double layered:
    These slings are made of two different fabrics or one fabric in two plies. They are double-sided: both sides can be used as face/front side.They have a pocket placed at the free end of the sling. Stable, stylish and breathing (they don't make you sweat).
  • Sale price 47 euro (with large American rings)

    When ordering more than one sling you have discount:
  • when more than 2 slings - 5%
  • when more than 3 slings 7%
  • when more than 4 slings 10%

    The shipping price IS INCLUDED in the price given here.

    Positions of the baby in ring sling:
  • front: horisontal (cradle), reclining and upright
  • on one side - on the hip
  • on the back
    How to put on a ring sling Ring slings are very easy to wear: the end with the rings you put on one shoulder, the other end with the pocket you flip diagonally and put it in the rings and simply adjust the sling. You will have something like a bag, in which you place the baby.
    The large American rings are especially designed for this kind of slings. They contribute to maximum comfort and easy use of the sling, and are very stylish and are just the last drop needed for the sling to be even more beautiful and aesthetic.
  • The fabrics of the slings are natural and "breathing": linen, cotton.
    ">The rings are: large, metal, different colors, made in America, especially for slings, tested.
    When ordering you can choose any color of the rings(free of charge). To make it easy for you we have put the number of the recommended rings around the slings, but you can order a different combination.
    Instructions for general positions and instructions for position "cradle".
    Size S, M, L, XL. The size of the sling depends on the size of the carrying parent:
    "S" 40 - 44 size (height 150-160 сm)
    "M" 44 - 50 size (height 160-170 сm)
    "L" 50 - 52 size (height above 170 сm)
    "XL" for extra large size
    How to order:
    You can order over the phone +359887 830 756 or by e-mail:
    When ordering - please write the number of the pattern, size, color of the rings, address, phone and names of the recipient. The sling will be ready in 1-5 business days. If the order is urgent you can choose from the slings that are in stock (e-mail:

    If it is difficult for you to choose the correct size - please state the height and weight of the carrying parent when ordering. We will choose the perfect for you.

    Maintenance: Handwash! you can wash it in the washing machine on "handwashing"regime necessarily in mesh laundry bag!, temperature 30-40 Celsium degrees, whitout a strong spin.

    Colors of the large (American) rings
    slate  black  bronze  gold  green  turquoise  blue  purple  pink  red